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Above Us The Waves  - Rough On High Seas

Above Us The Waves - Rough On High Seas

Label : Growl Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Above Us The Waves is a Greek metalcoreband and ‘Rough On High Seas’ is their second full-length output. In their music some elements of hardcore and melodic death metal resonate, but the latter is only for the musical part of it and not the vocals. These are more aggressive metalcore roars combined with clear vocals. Aggressive pieces are alternated with melodic passages and sometimes even a sultry undertone, so lots of variation here. Everything has been given a clear and contemporary production. 'Afterlife' is such a tune that gives you everything up until even even polyphonic mumbling in combination with the solid vocals. And in 'Rough On High Seas' you even hear very emotional singing. A song like 'Poor Man's Monaco' can even be played on the radio. Just like their fellow-countryman are masters in the more occult genre, Above Us The Waves is a hit in metalcore.

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