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Uada - Cult Of A Dying Sun

Uada - Cult Of A Dying Sun

Label : Eisenwald Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Dropping in with a stunner of a riff and holding on until the last second of the album is played? Uada pulls it off on its second album ‘Cult Of A Dying Sun’. I was caught off guard when Uada unexpectedly came up with their debut ‘Devoid Of Light’ in 2016, but since then I follow them closely and I was eagerly awaiting for more to come. Two years later they are back with a successor and expectations are high. During the first listening it is already clear that the hooded cult continued along their black metal path and structurally nothing has changed, besides a slightly ‘better' production, which makes 'Cult Of A Dying Sun' easier to digest than its predecessor. 'Devoid Of Light' sounded darker and more chaotic.

As mentioned earlier the album is a riff fest from beginning to end, seasoned with compelling choruses in a raw but clean black metal assault with an important role for the recognizable vocals of Jake and the bass is prominent, while the shit is beaten out of the drumkit almost continuously. 'The Purging Fire’ is a catchy opener with and 'Snakes And Vultures is an excellent written song with great guitar parts. 'The Wanderer' is an instrumental song with a most irregular atmosphere: close your eyes and dream away in this delightful musical landscape. This intriguing drama is almost as beautiful as the mons pubis of a woman and from the title track it goes crescendo towards the grand finale with the ten-minute 'Mirrors'. An amazing ending of an amazing record!

The outstanding artwork was once again taken care of by our Belgian pride Kris Verwimp, widely known for his work for just about any black tinted metal band in your music collection and the mix was done this time by Arthur Rizk, who previously worked with Volahn, Inquisition, Power Trip, Mammoth Grinder etc. Buy or die I would say, and act fast if you want it on wax, because the silver vinyl version is already sold out before the record is out and there are not that many copies left of the first pressing of black vinyl. This is not the 'Cult Of A Dying Sun' but the 'Rise Of A Living Star!

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