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Lunatic Soul - Under The Fragmented Sky

Lunatic Soul - Under The Fragmented Sky

Label : KScope | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Lunatic Soul, the solo project of Riverside’s Mariusz Duda, has been around for ten years. This sixth studio album ‘Under The Fragmented Sky’ is a sequel on the previous record ’Fractured’ that came out last year in Autumn. The title was inspired by the lyrics of ‘A Thousand Shards Of Heaven’ of the predecessor and also musically it is a continuation of that record, but even more experimental. That means few vocals, loads of ambient and electro, repetitive patterns and only two songs one can categorize under ‘singer-songwriter’ stuff, more precisely the storytelling title track and the last one ‘Untamed’ which will come out as a single and you can hear Vaaver (ex-Destruction) on it as drummer.

When I read my review for ‘Fractured’ again, everything is tenable for this album too. You can compare it with the solo career of Steven Wilson, total freedom music-wise, but it disappoints me. ‘He Av En’ happens to be a dreamy instrumental piece, followed by ‘Trials’ and this song actually has only one sentence which is always repeated: ‘I try so hard to pretend’. Surrounded by experimental ambient sounds. ‘Sorrow’ isn’t even two minutes long and has any wordless chants, and a bit further ‘Shadows’ and ‘Rinsing The Night’ are instrumental as well. And what can I tell about the eight minutes long ‘The Art Of Repairing’? It is as if you are listening to Tangerine Dream. Well, nothing wrong with that, but I expect just a little bit more from Mariusz Duda when you know which magnificent albums he has made with Riverside in the past.

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