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Lesser Glow - Ruined

Lesser Glow - Ruined

Label : Pelagic Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Disgusting, bludgeoning heavy and tremendously in-your-face; that’s how I would describe Boston’s Lesser Glow’s sound. Their post-metal meets hardcore meets legit doom metal packs such an enormous punch that it’s very hard not to move to their music (whether that’s through making a stank face and bobbing your head or through straight up hate-moshing). ‘Ruined’ is the title of the new album that hits stores June 8th and my god, does this need to be heard.

The songs are unapologetically upfront and the band sounds genuine and real as can be. It’s also a great stepping stone into older doom for the average metal head due to its modern and disgustingly fitting production – everything falls into place instantly. What’s also very commendable is the fact that these gentlemen have only played together for two years and sound more in tune with each other than so many bands that have been at it for far longer. ‘Ruined’ is a stellar effort and a massive achievement within the genre.

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