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Lamirál - This EP Has No Name And It's Alright

Lamirál - This EP Has No Name And It's Alright

Label : I For Us Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Bart M. : Wow. Before you realise it you will have listened to this EP about thirty times. It is short and powerful, a pretty good formula when we are talking about an EP. These four gentlemen from Belgium get their energy from multiple genres, especially hardcore and metalcore, and when I first heard opener 'Behind The Mask Of Ananké' I shrugged and thought it was just an imitation of Converge. Converge, who defined the genre they are playing, is an example to many bands that want to create heavy, fast and meaningful music, music made for moshing but goes well and far beyond that moshing.

However, as soon as 'Wolves', the second song, began it was pretty much evident that Lamiràl was not just an imitation. If it is possible, and apparently it is, I suddenly heard some kind of hardcore rock 'n roll, a certain groove that makes this music very different from what other bands operating within this genre do. And that makes things very interesting. It is obvious that Converge is a big influence on this music but Lamiràl took that and turned it into something different and completely their own. Knowing this you will start listening to the music in quite a different way and you will hear that this (high) level of musicianship comes through in all of the songs.

As far as I know (I could only find messages and updates about this band in French, a language I do not fully control; maybe for them it would be a good thing to use English as a base language) this EP is the first thing that is released by Lamiràl, and it sounds really good. Not too long ago I asked a band how it was that the sound on their debut album was so refined and polished, and they answered me, rightly so, by asking me why it should not sound like that. "We know what we want, we are not looking to find our own sound." And that is exactly what I feel is going on here, a band that knows what they want to sound like and is doing exactly that. Although for me the music does not hit that deep emotional level that certain other bands do, I think Lamiràl can do that for a lot of other people. That will remain something very personal. All in all, a very good record!

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