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Gruesome - Twisted Prayers

Gruesome - Twisted Prayers

Label : Relapse | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ren� : As most of you will know Gruesome came to existence after the Death To All tours, undertaken by members of Exhumed, Malevolent Creation and Possessed which main aim was to honor the music of the band Death. Like on the 1995 debut album 'Savage Land' this new album's main objective is total Death worshipping (uncle Chuck Schuldiner would be pretty satisfied). Just like on the debut album it's a feast of great musicianship, excellent songs and a top notch sound. It's like going back to Death's 'Spiritual Healing' and this is indeed intentionally. Also worth mentioning is that Death's original guitarist James Murphy also provided some great guitarsolo's on the album. Critics will always be there, because one could hardly call this original, but holy cows, this is so fucking nice it makes me jump around in joy. All killers, no fillers we call this and by the way there's also an almost perfect version of Possessed's 'The Exorcist' on offer. Lovers of old school death metal in general and particulary Death fans need this. In summer this band will play the Netherlands so be there.

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