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Deathstorm - Reaping What Is Left

Deathstorm - Reaping What Is Left

Label : High Roller Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : Deathstorm from Austria have been active for eight years now and with ‘Reaping What Is Left’ they will release their third album on the 25th of May. From the first tone you will notice directly where the passion and roots of the men from Graz lie, because if this band originated somewhere in the 80s there would be a big chance that we would name them in one breath with bands such as Testament, Kreator or even Slayer. By the way, I'm just going to ignore the intro completely, because I am not able to find any reason why people decide to take a nineties-inspired midi-sound intro that has absolutely nothing to do with the whole music and that is so annoying that I almost switched the music off directly. Anyway, everything you could possibly desire from a thrash metal band is provided in abundance. Fierce vocals, raging riffs, screeching solos with drums and bass lines that act as a sort of a wrecking ball. However, there remains a small aftertaste, because somewhere the point is reached that I feel I have heard everything already once in the past and I miss a little bit of an own character. But sometimes this is not necessary to satisfy the audience and I think that Deathstorm can promise a whole lot of fun in particular when they are playing live. Just fill in the gaps with a lot of passion and old-fashioned charm and the crowd will be guaranteed unrestrained bang and mosh. I think ‘Reaping What Is Left’ is a pretty good and decent album and I am curious what the future will bring for Deathstorm.

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