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The Slyde - Awakening

The Slyde - Awakening

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Canada isn’t really known for its abundance in amazing metal bands, yet it doesn’t mean that there’s no talent to be found there. One of these talented bands is The Slyde, a group from Toronto that make some sort of pop-progressive metal. The band released their debut album ‘Feed The Machine’ in 2011, and released an EP called ‘Back Again’ just last year. Seven years after their first album they’re coming with the sophomore, ‘Awakening’.

The bands claims to play progressive rock, but I wholeheartedly disagree with that. The music reminds me more of up-tempo pop-rock that was turned into metal songs. There are a number of things that bring me to that conclusion, the songs are quite short (the longest song is only five and a half minutes long), the music is very accessible, the melodies stick with you, and the vocals are clean and melodic. There are actually only a handful of progressive elements to be found throughout the album, luckily it’s about the music and not the box we’re putting it in. The songs aren’t too complicated but because of this the music is easy to enjoy. It’s mainly the guitars and vocals of Nathan Da Silva, and the keyboards of Sarah Westbrook, that form the songs and give them their unique flavor. The drums and bass guitars have supporting roles. When you listen to the better songs on the album, ‘Walk With Me’ and ‘So Blind’, these characteristics are quite apparent.

I can conclude that the Canadians have created a fine album. It’s accessible, nice up-tempo, well played and recorded, and very melodic. Even though I have only little criticism it doesn’t mean that this is a must-have album, it just isn’t distinctive enough. Also, the vocals are a bit too sweet for my taste, I would’ve preferred some more aggressiveness there. Anyway, ‘Awakening’ is a good album and I expect a growth in the fanbase of the Canadians.

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