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Thunderwar - Wolfpack

Thunderwar - Wolfpack

Label : Lifeforce Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik M. : The at first glance strange and diverse combination of influences from bands such as Dissection, Bathory, Death, Obituary (!) and a big dose of 80s NWOBHM are pretty much valid on this mini CD of the Polish death metal company, Thunderwar right away. With a healthy doses of Obituary / Asphyx influences ‘Wolfpack’ kicks like a mule. Especially in terms of vocals the comparison is striking, and musically the band presents all their influences on the opening track straight away. The best way to describe Thunderwar’s music is like Old School Blackened Death Metal. The band serves us a varied mini CD, with convincing soloing, recognizable influences but with a unique grin of its own. After the first EP and a full length (‘Black Storm’), Thunderwar now definitely kills with ‘Wolfpack’. Really one to look forward to!

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