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Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None

Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None

Label : Eleven Seven Music | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Is it still necessary to introduce Five Finger Death Punch? Since their inception in 2007, they have reached millions of fans worldwide. Their albums easily reach the top of the hit charts (read in the United States) and they are always high at the list on festivals worldwide and sell the most venues out without problems.

Musically they always followed the same path. American testosterone metal with influences of thrash and nu- metal drenched in a good dose of groove. As refreshing and good as it sounded as their first on three albums: 'The Way Of The Fist', 'War Is The Answer', and 'American Capitalist' they have unfortunately not been able to repeat. 'The Wrong Side Of Heavy part I and II' and 'Got Your Six' sounded too thin with a lot of repetition and melodic semi ballads on it. In 2017 they released a best off with 'A Decade Of Destruction'. Nevertheless, that year will mostly be known as worst phase of the band, with as an absolute low the show on June 12 in Tilburg (NL). Ivan Moody came on stage too late and left some songs later in a furious tantrum. The same week came the news that Ivan took a temporary break and Tommy Vext (Bad Wolves) took his place temporarily, and soon it was obvious Ivan was in rehab. At the end of August however he completely refurbished entered the stages.

Now they are back with their seventh album 'And Justice For None'. The opening track 'Fake' is immediately a fierce mother from which the adrenaline oozes. Fast, rhythmic and equipped with biting lyrics with an aggressive but memorable chorus. That continues in 'Top Of The World'. The nice 'Sham Pain' (read Champaign) contains rapping vocals in the beginning in which Ivan talks about all his problems, but all in all he is still happy with his life. With 'Blue On Black' they take on a more successful cover of the American singer and songwriter Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Semi-acoustic with a lot of emotion in the vocals. After an excellent first half, you unfortunately get to hear the rather soft ballad 'I Refuse'. Unfortunately because it really lacks the intense spark from the beginning. And the same can be said about all the other ballads or semi ballad that follow, and even about 'Gone Away', a song from The Offspring they covered. Only on 'Rock Bottom' it’s full speed ahead agian. No matter how good the first half was, the second half is clearly in aim of the American charts. And that is a bit of a shame, yet Five Finger Death Punch remains a band to look forward to. Their setlist can in any case be extended with some fun sing-a longs.

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