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Kenos - Pest

Kenos - Pest

Label : My Kingdom Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik M. : After seven years of silence and a nice back catalogue, the Italian Kenos outfit is back, and how! Tight brute technical death metal dominates, while the direct rhythmic approach (both vocal and instrumental) on the eight tracks convincingly stands out. Probably this record is not suitable for everyone, but if you like hyper strong, technical death metal violence this is a wave to check for sure! The orchestral / sample addition gives the whole more depth and width. The tightly produced cd certainly demands your concentration within the layering mentioned above. Occasionally the band slows down a bit (for example on ‘Buried And Forgotten’). All in all, ‘Pest’ remains a very hyper tight and fucked up release on maximum overdrive, where gifted instrumentalists dominate. As far as I'm concerned, the throttle pedal may occasionally be pushed sometimes a bit less though, but this should not spoil the fun. Top release with a brutal technical character!

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