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Luca Princiotta Band - Rough Blue

Luca Princiotta Band - Rough Blue

Label : Metalville | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : If the cover and information are judged at first glance, you might think this is a band with a singer presenting themselves. But, apart from three songs, this album ‘Rough Blue’ is an instrumental affair. Luca Princiotta has been a steady member of the band that is behind Doro Pesch since 2008. But now the time seemed right for him to bring out his first solo album and be in charge of the creative process. Princiotta also played with the likes of André Matos and Uli Jon Roth in the past.

After hearing the first two tracks you might get the feeling that he wanted al he has to offer out to be heard by everyone. Princiotta is a talented and versatile player. It is in the third song ‘What It Takes’ that lead singer Matteo Bertini is appearing for the first time. The result is pretty good. During ‘When Everything’s Right’ the Italian shows a more fusion and jazzy side of himself. ‘The Guest’ is the hardest track on offering, it contains some nice progressive passages, good job on this one. With ‘Nothing But This Song’ there is a more ballad like song available. The title track has comparisons with the instrumental songs that Steve Vai is known for. Lightweight with adventurous licks. Closing track ‘We Need Time’ is a beautiful instrumental and slow song. Luca Princiotta has succeeded to avoid the, mostly, average level that Italian Rock releases are sadly known for. Taking in account what Princiotta is offering on ‘Rough Blue’, you might wonder how he lasted with Fräulein Pesch since 2008. On the other hand, also artists have to eat, so a steady paycheck is always nice.

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