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Majesty Of Silence - Zu Dunkel Fur Das Licht

Majesty Of Silence - Zu Dunkel Fur Das Licht

Label : Extreme Metal Music | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Majesty Of Silence is a Swiss symphonic black metal outfit and this new ‘Zu Dunkel Fur Das Licht’ is their fourth album. Majesty Of Silence incorporates quite some gothic elements into their music. Most prominent example of this are the female vocals and some theatrical moments that are often reminiscent of early Dornenreich. On the whole I think that mid-era Dimmu Borgir and Vesania are stylistically the most prominent influences of the sound on ‘Zu Dunkel Fur Das Licht’. The execution is tight and the blasts are quite impressive. However, it all comes across quite too familiar and generic. Well done, sure, and hard to fault, but also not much to be truly excited about.

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