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Tsjuder - Throne Of The Goat 1997-2017

Tsjuder - Throne Of The Goat 1997-2017

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Roel de Haan : This is not exactly a new release by the Norwegian veterans of Tsjuder. AS the title already suggests this is both a re-recording as re-release of their first EP. ‘Throne Of The Goat 1997-2017’ therefore caters to both conservative fans as curious new-comers to the band. The original release can be described as a typical black metal record of the mid-nineties movement against the further popularisation of the genre. The so-called true black metal genre. Raw sounding, grim and trebly guitars and screams and of course no keyboards. Still the song-writing was quite good and the band became more and more recognised, along with bands such as Urgehal, Taake and Carpathian Forest. The re-recording, which is of course much better sounding, clearly shows that Tsjuder wasn’t merely a noisy wannabe band. ‘Throne Of The Goat 1997-2017’ provides an interesting perspective on the development of the genre and the influence of production on a album’s impact.

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