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Nereis - Turning Point

Nereis - Turning Point

Label : Eclipse Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Nereis from Italy emerged from the cover band Black Star and ‘Turning Point’ is the title of the debut album of the group. On this album we can find twelve tasty no-nonsense hardrock songs, with rocking riffs, light but also rocking vocals and whipping lyrics. Striking tracks on the album are among others ‘Breaking Bad’, that does not cover drug synthesis as far as I know, but does feature a nice wayward chorus. Also the short ‘Two Wolves’ is an interesting one that has a more serious undertone than most of the other songs. The song covers an old legend of the Cherokee Indians about the internal struggle of two wolves in every human. Many other songs are easier to digest both in terms of music and lyrics. Let’s take ‘Ready For War’ with its added shouts, or the rapid pacing ‘What Is Wrong, What Is Right’. Each and every one will invoke some nodding along in agreement, and each and every one are good reasons for this band managing to reach the semi-finals of the Italian Metal Battle. A fine album.

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