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Fantasy Opus - The Last Dream

Fantasy Opus - The Last Dream

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Paper, glass, green waste, plastics… There is nothing that we are not recycling in our country these days. Also metal waste can get a second life in some new curiosity, therefore we also hand in our batteries and old electric gadget-junk at any place that accepts is. There is a subtle difference between recycling metal as a material and recycling metal as music though, and that last thing is exactly what we are dealing with once again on the album of Fantasy Opus.

‘The Last Dream’ is released almost a decade after the debut of this Portuguese group, and unfortunately this is yet another standard power metal album of mediocre quality. The songs themselves are well-arranged, and the guitar playing of Marcos "Thor" Carvalho is first class. The number of times this same music has been brushed up for another album however, is astronomical, both lyrically and musically. The album is about the dreams of a dying man. What a pity that of all things, he has to dream about kingdoms and conquering seas, we have shelves filled with this stuff. Musically there are the cliché rapid drums and staccato guitar riffs, with some keyboards here and there that make things a bit more interesting and give the music some progressive twists. The vocals are just as mediocre. Singer Leonel Silva can surely sing a decent note, as he proved on’ Harm Full Embrace’ of Hourswill. On this album he constantly forces his voice into the extremes though, and combined with his poor pronunciation of the English language this gets on the nerves. Especially in ballads like ‘Lust’ and ‘Black Angels’ he provides the urge to kill someone. Another missed opportunity is the production work. Choirs are used to make music sound more grand, the choirs on this album however sound as if they were recorded in a prison cell.

In the best power metal tradition there is also an epic to be found on this album in ‘Perfect Storm’. On this song some more interesting things are done. We can hear some playing around with an organ and the guitars are put in a more exciting mode. Though Leonel Silva is not by light years the singer Russel Allen is, this song is reminiscent of Symphony X. This is the song of the album you want to listen. The remainder is a mediocre power metal album that will not change many lives.

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