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Thorium - Blasphemy Awakes

Thorium - Blasphemy Awakes

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Ten years after the release of their third album ‘Feral Creation’, Danish death metal veterans Thorium return to the front with their comeback album ‘Blasphemy Awakes’. For a number of years the band was inactive yet singer Michael H. Andersen wanted to continue Thorium and together with bassist KB Larssen (Volbeat) they brought the band back to life. After guitarist Kraen Meier (Sacrificial) and JP Storm (ex-Dominus) joined Thorium, the lineup was completed with Swedish drummer Perra Karlsson (In Aeternum, ex-Nominon and ex-Deströyer 666), and based on their resumes it is almost a Scandinavian death metal supergroup.

I knew I had heard of this band before and after digging deep in my memories, I found out I reviewed their second album ‘Unleashing The Demons’ back in the year 2002. Unfortunately I wasn’t too impressed with their second output; it lacked originality and with their standard death metal they didn’t manage to stand out from the big wave of death metal releases that was coming out at the time. For ‘Blasphemy Awakes’ the band used the songwriting help of Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader) and Jonas Lindblood (Teatre), but despite their help I have a hard time finding inspirational compositions that really catch my attention. Sure, ‘Blasphemy Awakes’ isn’t a bad record, but the songs just don’t stick around in your head and really have nothing new to offer. They sound rather monotonous and are a dime a dozen. The WOW-factor is completely missing on this record and you probably won’t catch me listening to this album once I am done with the review of it. The death metal scene has so much more better and interesting releases to offer than this one. ‘Blasphemy Awakes’ therefore, is only interesting to diehard music collectors who want to own every single piece of music.

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