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Stortregn - Emptiness Fills The Void

Stortregn - Emptiness Fills The Void

Label : Non Serviam Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : ‘Emptiness Fills The Void’ is Stortregn’s fourth full-length already and succeeds an enjoyable album ‘Singularity’ which I described as a musical enigma. Modern yet nostalgic. This new album by these Swiss follows a similar pattern. Heavily inspired by the Gothenburg-scene (spearheaded by bands such as At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity and Dissection) yet with a firm splash of American neo-thrash and a modern sound. On ‘Emptiness Fills The Void’ we can notice an increase in the use of melody, recalling even the early releases of Dark Tranquillity or In Flames, which diminishes the already sparse sense of danger within their music. However, there is plenty aggression present with many blasts and fast doublekicks to go around. Clearly, Stortregn are a bunch of quality musicians and besides the lack of darkness and real originality there isn’t anything negative I can say about this ‘Emptiness Fills The Void’, especially if you like the aforementioned bands.

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