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Slomatics / Conan - Split

Slomatics / Conan - Split

Label : Black Blow Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : The split between Conan and
Slomatics which stems from 2011 is being re-released once again on vinyl. After, among others, a white and pink version it will now be an ogre green one. Conan delivers three songs on Side A and Slomatics, also, three, on Side B. All songs are in the well-known style of both bands. So, heavy sludgy stoner doom which steamrollers the listener. Good music for fans of the genre. The relevance of this release escapes me since both bands consist of almost entirely of different people nowadays. Okay, it is a fun time document for people that got into Slomatics and Conan way after 2011 and did not possess the split, yet. Conan has become a lot more popular in the meantime.

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