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Candlemass - House Of Doom

Candlemass - House Of Doom

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Vera : Bands that call it quits and eventually continue… In the meantime we have quite a few on our list. As we mentioned in the review of their latest studio album ’Psalms For The Dead’ in 2012, Candlemass decided to stop making studio recordings and they should only play live in future. But now they release a second new MCD – following on ’Death Thy Lover’ (2016) – with four brand new tracks and they promise to release a full length album in Autumn. We are happy about that! For now we restrict ourselves to the four songs one can find on ‘House Of Doom’.

As epic doom metal fan it remains amazing to dive into the ponderous riffs, drama and epic enchantment of the compositions of band leader Leif Edling. The six minutes long title track is quite up-tempo, but very epic. The magnificent voice of Mats Levén makes it all even more solemn, majestic keyboards of Per Wiberg add a soaring background atmosphere. Mark the fervent guitar soling and you will instantly enclose this compelling song into your heart. Again six minutes of your time on earth are flown away when listening to ‘Flowers Of Deception’, tight rocking in ultimate doom vibes, including bass intermezzo and empyrean chants. The semi acoustic ‘Fortuneteller’ moves you with its simplicity and integrity. Pure beauty! The occluding track ‘Dolls On A Wall’ is instrumental and has slightly sludgy tendencies. Thus slow and ponderous. We hardly can wait until the full length album will come out in the Fall in order to welcome more brilliance of Candlemass!

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