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Annominus - The Architect

Annominus - The Architect

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : My former Lords colleague Remie did not really write a positive review on the album 'End Of Atonement' by Danish band Annominus. And when I read his review again I even wonder if we are talking about the same band here! Three and a half years after 'End Of Atonement' the band finally releases the successor through 'The Architect'. A nice solid metal album!

The album opens very heavy through the fast and fierce 'Distinctive'. In the following 'Submertia' we clearly hear the grunge influences of a few years ago. That is partly due to the vocals of Jacob Zinn, whose vocals are clearly reminiscent of Placebo singer Brian Molko ('Through Perdition', 'Cubic'). Those melodic vocal lines make metal tracks like 'Nautilus' still sound accessible. The guitars and riffs are clearly inspired by the riffs of a band like Gojira, but that has affected more bands lately. This is obvious, for example, in the short, contrarian 'Logos'. The band varies well in tempo and in structure so that the attention of the listener is retained throughout the album. And so the long closing 'Audient Void' is still interesting. Good album, 'The Architect'. A band to keep an eye on.

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