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Mist - Free Me Of The Sun

Mist - Free Me Of The Sun

Label : Soulseller Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : From the dark, foreboding caverns of the Slovenian Alps, the lamentation of Mist's debut album 'Free Me Of The Sun' reaches us, and man, what a lovely offering it is. In 2015 they released their EP 'Inan', and this time we are faced with ten completely new songs.

The first song is titled 'The Ghoul', and with a name like that you really cannot go wrong. Right from the start we are treated to heavy and hypnotising doom riffs, riffs that slowly but destructively chisel at the soul and introduce us to a dark world of macabre, dusty crypts, dungeons, long, dim halls in which thousands of dreary, lost eyes watch you from in between the eroded pillars, and a stone altar beckons in the distance...the brass knife waiting to be picked up and used. And suddenly the powerful, sad voice of the priestess calls out to you to finish the unholy work that lies before you. Those are the images the dragging guitar parts, the exciting bits of solo and this voice bring to my mind. To clarify: Mist produces a sound that is reminiscent of the dark but well oiled "first few" Candlemass albums riffs, amplified occasionally by lamenting My Dying Bride-like guitar parts and all the time by very convincing vocals. With doom metal, vocals are always very important and defining, and Mist strikes the precise, right sound.

Everything just sounds very natural, despite that Mist has chosen to walk the traditional path. They also like to travel the roads less traveled and this results in groovy, catchy songs as 'Altar Of You' and 'The Offering', but also the ballad intro to titletrack 'Free Me Of The Sun', goosebumps, especially when the song emerges into a very classic, sometimes up tempo, sometimes tuned down doom song. This is a very great debut of a band I would like to hear a lot more from.

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