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Injector - Stone Prevails

Injector - Stone Prevails

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : 'Stone Prevails' is the second album of the Spanish thrashers Injector. I do not know the first album myself but what the band shows on this second album is simply great. Very aggressive thrash that tends to metalcore. This is mainly due to the vocals of loud mouth Dani. The grooving character of the music also has some metalcore in it. The band speaks of thrash with classical heavy metal influences. The latter reveals itself in the beautiful lead guitar work that can be heard throughout this album.

The band takes us on a very ferocious and wild ride with only highlights. No easy listening on this album. Most of the songs are characterized by a wide variety of riffs that follow each other in a killer tempo. Absolute outstanding tracks are the title track 'Stone Prevails' and the short '1994', but as mentioned before there are no weak songs on this album. During the Lamb Of God like 'Justice By Fire' the band slows down for a bit, but that does not take long. From 'UTLOA' the ferociousness return. Excellent record by these Spanish thrashers.

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