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Architects Of Chaoz - (R)evolution

Architects Of Chaoz - (R)evolution

Label : Metalville | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : The Architects Of Chaoz are back with their new album '(R)evolution'. Paul Di'Anno is no longer the singer of the band after the band and singer parted ways in 2016. Paul Di'Anno tried to keep the name for a possible new band but has not succeeded witness this new album. New singer is Titta Tani and he fits very well with the new sound of AOC. Where on the last album there were still a lot of Iron Maiden-like songs to be heard, the band now brings a somewhat heavier sound. Incidentally, without losing sight of the melody.

The CD kicks off with 'Rise' where you are initially treated to an Iron Maiden riff but after that first riff the song takes a different turn. Shakra and Pretty Maids are bands that regularly come to mind when listening to this album. With that said, I mean the heavy side of these bands because AOC clearly opted for a very heavy sound. The album sounds fantastic and very tight. The gentlemen already proved that can play on the debut but this CD is really a step forward. Listen to the very catchy 'Hitman' or the ultra heavy 'Into The Fire'. On 'No Way Out' Schmier from Destruction also sings a piece and in conclusion we can say that none of the thirteen songs on this album is disappointing. Architects Of Chaoz has thus proven that there is life after Paul Di'Anno and can look to the future with confidence.

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