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Pánico Al Miedo - Formador

Pánico Al Miedo - Formador

Label : Cimmerian Shade Recordings | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Pánico Al Miedo (freely translated as Panic The Fear) is a Spanish speed / thrash / death metal band that is active since 2013. They have self-released a self-titled four track demo MCD in 2015 and now they are on the market with their first full-length ‘Formador’, which is out on cassette, CD and vinyl. ‘Formador’ has become a partnership between Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA), United By Chaos Records (Finland) and Symbol Of Domination (Belarus), so do check out their webstores if you are interested in buying Pánico Al Miedo stuff. Sure you can visit P.A.M.’s Bandcamp website as well.

What’s interesting about this one? Well, first off, the cover artwork was created by the-one-who-needs-no-further-introduction-to-our-readers: the legendary Ed Repka and second: P.A.M. invited ex-Death guitarists James Murphy (well he’s about ex-everything) and Bobby Koelble to do some solo spots. Pánico Al Miedo however doesn’t need all this name dropping to get noticed. ‘Formador’ is a solid deathrash record with some hardcore influences that gets under your skin and sends an occasional chill up your spine. Pánico Al Miedo is a great and that definitely is worth checking out.

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