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Kazah - Feed Your Beast

Kazah - Feed Your Beast

Label : Ghost Label Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Kazah is a band from Hungary that was conceived in 2014. ‘Feed Your Beast’ is the band’s debut full-length which was released through Ghost Label Record record label. Don’t mix ‘em up with the Greek label Ghost Label Records (with an “s”) that releases other kinds of music. Ghost Label Record (without an “s”) hails from Italy (I assume) and isn’t a common name in the Lowlands…yet…well you never know what happens with the label that has such acts as Laufderzeit, Niamh, Sankta Kruco, L’Ora X (which I never heard of) in their roster.

The Hungarian horde plays a mixture of metalcore and thick riffed thrash metal. Whilst the singer has a voice that reminds me of the legendary Max Cavalera and Kazah has song titles such as ‘Modern Slave’, Soulfly, Sepultura, Killer Be Killed, Cavalera Conspiracy and Nailbomb are just around the corner. Kazah however is not a cheap rip-off (like Ektomorf in their forming years) but a band that tries to choose their own direction with their groovy hardcore / thrash metal. With ‘Feed Your Beast’, Kazah has the possibilities to become a positive and powerful force within the Hungarian scene and maybe abroad.

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