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Confessor A.D. - Too Late To Pray

Confessor A.D. - Too Late To Pray

Label : Nihilistic Holocaust | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Confessor A.D. is a newfound band from Strasbourg / France that recorded their first ever effort ‘Too Late To Pray’ demo in 2017. It has recently been released through Nihilistic Holocaust webzine / distro. Listen and buy Nihilistic Holocaust stuff by following this link to the label’s Bandcamp page. A physical copy of the MCD only costs less than four Euro’s so this won’t be a problem to the most of you.

Well the price is right but is the music OK as well? It certainly is! Confessor A.D., which line-up consists of Killian (guitars), Aksel (bass / vocals) and Julien (drums), plays thrash metal with death and black metal influences that has a great old school and underground vibe. If it is up to me, Confessor A.D. and Nihilistic Holocaust keep spreading their plagues like wildfire. Fans of acts such as Nocturnal, Ketzer and Cruel Force can buy this one instantly and without any hesitation.

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