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Traitors Gate - Fallen

Traitors Gate - Fallen

Label : No Remorse Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Traitors Gate is one of those ancient British ‘80s bands that revived things in 2016. In their glory days the band released only one EP, ‘Devil Takes The High Road’, which has become a cult classic. After first listening to this old material I had a go with the new material from ‘Fallen’. No matter how charming the old stuff was, little of that charm is left on ‘Fallen’. The jumpy uplifting NWOBHM of likes such as Angel Witch and Raven stepped down in favour of very low guitars, monotonous vocals and goody-goody guitar solos. The fifty minutes of music on this album are level, nothing sticks out and the songs are easily interchangeable. Fifty long minutes, without toe-curling moments but also without any wow-moment.

If traitors gate proves one thing, it is that not every band of old should just go with the flow of time no matter the cost. After all not all bands are of the calibre of Judas Priest, whose ‘Firepower’ craftily combines legacy and modern times without losing the fire of old times. ‘Devil Takes The High Road’ might be a cult classic, but that does not make ‘Fallen’ more than the mediocre album it is.

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