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Florian Grey - RITUS

Florian Grey - RITUS

Label : Echozone | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : What started as a one-man-project has grown into a proper four piece band Florian Grey, with gigs on big (gothic) festivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen. In 2015 they released the debut album ‘Gone’, followed by any singles. Indeed, this German outfit makes catchy dark rock songs with hit potential, easygoing stuff that instantly haunts you. Think of the most poppy songs made by Lacrimas Profundere or HIM.

We can dwell on things like gothic rock with roots in new wave, bands like Sisters Of Mercy or Deathstars, but in the end it all comes down on writing songs, tight-as-hell, with a sensual tinge here and there and some (black) romanticism in the slightly decadent lyrics. Florian surely has a suitable low ranged, sensual voice to render it. He dashes off fetching choruses without any problem and everything is smoothly ornamented with melodic guitars and lightly electro/keyboards. Twelve songs in a row they offer us, going from the catchy opener ‘Bluecifer’ via the singles ‘Until We Go Down’ and ‘My Babylon’ to the Weltschmerz of ‘Bereft’. It all sounds very sleek and polished and smoothly arranged. ‘Relief’ happens to be a song, sung together with Matteo vDiva Fabbiani of Hell Boulevard, for the rest we have a short instrumental ‘Paraphrase’ and an occluding track that digs a bit deeper, consequently entitled ‘Catharsis’. Furthermore above all catchy stuff. Craftwork done to a turn, but you soon get the feeling of having heard it all before.

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