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Black No 1 - It's Night Again...

Black No 1 - It's Night Again...

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : It is right away obvious where the North Holland band Black No 1 took its band’s name from: the classic song of Type O’Negative. Does it mean we will hear gothic metal with very low ranged, sensual voice? Indeed, but also a female singer is present (no operatic vocals). A doomwave band with metallic roots, that’s how they describe themselves. ‘It’s Night Again…’ is their debut album, mastered by Joey Zampella of Life Of Agony.

As devote fan of the late Peter Steele, this album invokes mixed feelings with me. It happens to be genuine and sympathetic that the band rigorously chooses to copy the sound of Type O’Negative, but isn’t it going too far? The sound and the general mood is completely Type O’Negative, but that band was unique and consequently this one is less skilled than the original. On the other hand it is quite intriguing. The songs are slow and doom-like, with that typical bass sound and gothic keyboards. Bassist Dirk Black has such an ultra low ranged voice that it gets creepy. But female singer Tammy Black adds a personal touch to it. Her voice is powerful and a bit eccentric, which made me realize that she reminds me of Sinead O’Connor during the semi ballad ‘Never Let Go’. Vocal parts are mostly properly divided between both and even though the pace remains slow, the balance is rather positive. On the other hand I can imagine that some people will think: ‘none of that for me’. As last track they cover ‘Paranoid’ of Black Sabbath. A tricky challenge, surely when you turn it into a kind of slow Type O’Negative song, but it results in an interesting version. Dirk once again sings very low ranged, rather muttering, but the echo chants of Tammy are done to a turn. In some passages you hardly recognize the song and it includes a fine guitar solo. In brief, this is a low-tuned record that will cause any controversy. Whether you experience this as more favourite music or cheap plagiarism, that depends on your personal opinion.

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