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69 Chambers - Machine

69 Chambers - Machine

Label : Massacre | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : 69 Chambers is a band from Switzerland that has released a new album called 'Machine', six years after the previous one 'Torque'. This long period between the two albums is mainly caused by the fact that the band does not live off their music. I am not really familiar with the band and their backcatalog, but in terms of style they fall into the category Alternative or maybe a bit Progressive. It has become stylistically speaking a varied album, with songs that have commercial potential, but also with songs that sound a lot heavier and darker. Singer Nina Vetterli-Treml attracts a lot of attention with her beautiful dark voice, but also the riffwork is heavy and catchy.

Opener 'Deceleration' is basically a commercial topper, but after a number of listens the chorus starts to irritate me a lot, making it a false start of the album for me personally. Fortunately, this is the only song on the album where this is the case, because otherwise there are only good songs. 'Machine' is a slower and more threatening song, but still maintains that light sound in the chorus that is a nice contrast to the rest of the song. Dynamics is a core value for this album, because every song has that nice build-up, often emotionally sung by Nina, followed by a burst of heavy guitar and drums. It is difficult to fully interpret the sound of 69 Chambers, as there are influences of gothic rock and industrial music, so it is a band that could appeal to a fairly wide audience. The eleven songs are an ideal framework for the personal lyrics of Nina Vetterli, who clearly has her heart on her tongue and knows how to interpret her emotions with her voice. Comparisons are always dangerous, but if you like a band like Evanescence, then you should also give 69 Chambers a chance.

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