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Spock's Beard - Noise Floor

Spock's Beard - Noise Floor

Label : Inside Out | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : A couple of months ago Spock’s Beard released the beautiful box set ‘Snow Live’, on which an awesome and integral live performance of the in 2002 released record ‘Snow’ was to be found. The last regular studio album of this progressive metal institute however already dated from 2015 (‘The Oblivion Particle’) and as such it was about time for some new studio material which has now seen the light of day in the shape of this ‘Noise Floor’ album’. The new record contains a “main disc” with eight tracks and a “cutting room floor EP” on which another four tunes are to be found, which is added to the main album as a bonus. Personally, I find this a bit of a strange move as all twelve songs would have fitted on a single disc and therefore I don’t really understand the added value of the extra EP.

Well, that’s not really the most important aspect of this new Spock’s Beard release, because that still is the music that they have to offer and as usual there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The material on offer is in my opinion a bit more direct as what they showed on the previous album and I must say that this is quite to my liking. Songs like the single ‘To Breathe Another day’, ‘What Becomes Of Me’, ‘Have We All Gone Crazy Yet’ and ‘One So Wise’ still clearly show that the band hasn’t lost anything of its musicianship and that they still belong to the absolute top of the progressive metal genre.

Despite of the fact that excellent musicianship is shown and that the band members prove to be true virtuosos on their instruments, it’s especially singer Ted Leonard that makes the biggest impression on me with his powerful voice. In that respect it’s a shame that they have included two instrumentals with ‘Box Of Spiders’ and ‘Armageddon Nervous’, because no matter how good these tracks are I can’t escape the thought that tunes with the outstanding vocals of Ted Leonard would have sounded even better. Despite of this the guys have once more delivered a great album which, also due to the fantastic sound by Rich Mouser, has become a very lovely and enjoyable listening experience. Of course you expect nothing less from a class-act band like Spock’s Beard, but they still have to live up to that expectation and they have done that in a very convincing way with this ‘Noise Floor’ album…

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