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Slaughterday - Abattoir

Slaughterday - Abattoir

Label : F.D.A. Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Sicktus : Some two years after ’Laws Of The Occult’ (2016) and some five years after their phenomenal debut ’Nightmare Vortex’, Germany’s deadliest duo, Slaughterday, are back with some fresh tunes. There have been a lot of awesome oldschool releases via FDA Records over the past couple of years – and this one fits right in.

On ‘Abattoir’, we get four fresh kills, plus two cover songs, the latter being ‘Victim Of The Insane’ by Trouble and ‘Grails Mysteries’ by Amorphis. Especially the (obviously) doomy cover of the Trouble track shows off a different side of the band, in a truly cool and impressive way. A death doomy side we also hear creeping around and sneaking up (at times) in the brandnew original track ‘Phantasmal Death’. On the whole, their core mixture of high quality dragging-heavy-sawing and uptempo-catchy-chopping-grooving is still the main thing. The band may have tweaked their sound a tiny bit over the past couple of releases, but remains true to their Autopsy-meets-Swedeath in a German death(doomy) coating roots. Big thumbs up! The best work by Slaughterday since their debut, if you ask me. ‘Abattoir’ will be out on CD at the end of May, followed by an LP version at the end of June.

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