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Nomad - Feral

Nomad - Feral

Label : APF Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : From the dark crypts of northern England's Manchester crawls the four headed hydra known as Nomad. They have been working their craft since 2012 and have released two EP's since then: 'The House Is Dead' and a split with the band Wort. Now the time has come for them to release their first full length album: 'Feral'. And that is actually a very good description of the music they have put on this disc: untamed, wild and maybe infected with rabies.

The seven songs that Nomad presents here are dirty, grimy and dragging, all in all wonderfully sludgy, while along the way there are clearly some doom influences as well. The band successfully utilizes distortion and fuzz effects and Drian Nash's screaming (although I think calling is a far better word here) vocals definitely have added value here. You could say the vocals are somewhat monotonous, but there is not one point where they become tedious or boring: they just fit the music very well. Far carrying guitar parts, very few solos (because they would be quite unnecessary), doomy hooks and in general a very heavy tone. A positively old-fashioned and vintage sound. I think if Crowbar, Satyricon and Electric Wizard would have a baby, Nomad would be the result.

Most of the songs are lengthy and this poses no problem at all for this band. The shorter songs are all fast and gritty, which makes the whole album sound cohesive and good. Some riffs seem to pop up every now and again, but what makes the cohesion complete is that the bit that the last song 'Shallow Fate' ends with is the same bit that the first song, 'Curse Of The Sun', begins with. This creates a kind of loop that will have you hit the repeat button instantly.

Nomad will be performing soon in Manchester (June 1st), Coventry (June 2nd) and London (June 3rd).

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