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L'Homme Absurde - Sleepless

L'Homme Absurde - Sleepless

Label : Fono Ltd. | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : The second full length by the Russian foursome L’Homme Absurde has seen the light of day back in March and the four men from Moscow seem to imply they’re here to stay. Playing an energetic variant of the post-black genre, the band isn’t afraid to travel off the beaten path and delve into techniques and dynamics not often heard in this crowded genre. Progressive touches keep dynamics interesting and while the songwriting is hardly concise and to the point, the compositions move organically and rarely feel forced.

While debut ‘Monsters’ slipped my attention back in 2016 (possibly due to an insane amount of great music in that year), it set a decent framework retrospectively; progressive post-black with an uncharacteristic need for aggressive intensity instead of the dreary, the moody and the melodramatic. Now what also gets immediately obvious is the very high DIY-ness on the production side of things, and new record ‘Sleepless’ is no different in that regard. Such production values might do wonders for your run of the mill shoegaze solo project or your kvlt and tr00 black metal acts, but it doesn’t really carry the same weight when your music is a little more distanced from that. Granted, this album clearly wasn’t recorded on a half-baked potato (looking at you, Burzum), but it’s not much of a step above that, unfortunately.

So aside from the mixing and at times awful editing, the vocals also drag this album down a bit – frontman and vocalist A. never really seems to pull out the big guns and rather screams his bland lines monotonously into a very messy vocal production. It’s quite a shame, because his vocals could’ve really added to the atmosphere this bands does seem to nail most of the time. I’m sincerely hoping the band manages to stay on top of their sound and flesh it out a bit with a better production and a different vocal approach.

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