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Suotana - Land Of The Ending Time

Suotana - Land Of The Ending Time

Label : Reaper Entertainment | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : With bands like Wintersun, Norther or even Children of Bodem, we all know that Finland offers enough inspiration for melodic death metal with a slight hint of melancholy that one could almost call corny. All these bands know how to create a hefty character that only bands from Finland are able to create. I mean, it's like being catapulted right to the north while listening to those bands, right? Suotana can directly join in with 'Land Of The Ending Time', because they meet with every little detail needed in this kind of melodic death metal .

Melodic, energetic guitars and that typical playful keyboard sound go hand in hand so that it almost seems as if they perform a dance together that seems so easy to go as if it is most natural thing in the world. Also those intertwined solos between guitar and keyboards are really a pleasure for the ears. And hey, if I experience keyboards as pleasant, there really must be something to it! So this is an unusually pleasant and above average album of typical Finnish melodic death metal, which even brings a generous portion of power metal and through the clever introduction of some kind of glimpse into other genres, it provides enough variety and diversity to keep you captivated. I can recommend 'Country Of The Ending Time' to anyone who is into the beforementioned bands as well. The more I listen to this record, the more enthusiastic I become and it really was a trip back in time when I was fourteen years old and had a big fascination for this genre. This feels incredibly good, thanks Suotana!

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