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Kanseil - Fulische

Kanseil - Fulische

Label : Rockshots Music | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : With Kanseil – ancient name of a mountainside in Treviso, Italy – we dive into the folklore of the Apennines peninsula. According to the band itself, the seven-headed band is made up of musical archeologists bringing stories from the past. With ‘Fulische’ (sparks) they release their sophomore album, produced by Luigi Stefanini who’s name might ring a bell amongst aficionados of the Italian metal scène. All lyrics are in Italian language.

The foundation of the music is broad: going from death/black metal fury to storytelling rock to the catchiness of power metal (fervent neoclassical soloing included). That’s why Kanseil manages to present their own signature folk potpourri, causing some sparks indeed. One can find a lot of diversity in the songs. The first half of the album is quite rough, but in addition to death growls and scream-like (blackened) vocals, there are also melancholic passages with clean vocals. On top of the rock instrumentation we hear bagpipes, flutes, kantele and bouzouki. Especially bagpipes often have the leading melodies. In the middle of the album we can find the longest track ‘Orcolat’: built up properly with several twists and turns without losing the essence. ‘Serravalle’ (with kantele) happens to be calm and acoustic, in ‘Vallòrch’ some verses are sung by a woman and some of the songs are so storytelling that we better call them firm rock instead of metal. Thus a colourful palette we can categorize in the style of fellow compatriots Furor Gallico and Elvenking, but also the German Finsterforst.

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