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The Fierce And The Dead - The Euphoric

The Fierce And The Dead - The Euphoric

Label : Bad Elephant Music | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Stoner rock is a genre that’s an integral part of your life or never will be. There’s very little middle ground here; the genre depends heavily on its groove and blues influences and the now-archaic rock from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The simplicity of the music in question doesn’t necessarily equate to an accessible sound, however – you wouldn’t really call Kyuss, Sleep and Down “music for the masses”. From Britain hails The Fierce and the Dead, and whether or not they’re trying to break that stigma is unclear to me; their music is still deeply rooted in what we already know within the genre. The title of the new record is ‘The Euphoric’ and its release on May 18th will present the public with a sound that’s as mature as it is faded.

The quartet from London has been at it for a couple of years – since 2010 – which makes it all the more apparent how lackluster this album has become; you’d think that after playing together for almost a decade would result in focused songwriting and great interplay. But while the dual guitar melodies are a welcome aspect of the very typical sound, they rarely sound well thought-out and rather take a more “jamming” approach and with those guitars taking center stage most of the time, that lack of focus makes for a dull album. I might be too blunt here, but even the modern indie influences and the very ‘70s electronics rarely feel genuine within the formula. It’s because of this that I can only truly recommend this record to diehard fans of the genre.

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