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Space Elevator - II

Space Elevator - II

Label : Steamhammer/SPV | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : ‘II” is the second album from London-based Space Elevator. The foursome are led by female singer The Duchess (yeah, you’ve got to come up with something I guess). The three other members are not that young anymore, but you can hear there is more than enough experience. Musically countrymen Romeo’s Daughter sound similar to Space Elevator, mainly because of the female vocals. The Duchess has the same voice as Leigh Matty. So, the vocal department is more than up to scratch. Although Space Elevator tends more to the pop side. This album has songs that are well composed, with ‘The One That Got Away’ as a prime example of that. The well arranged string section gives it just that little more extra. It does surprise me the band got signed by SPV. This German company is more known for the more heavy releases. I think the quality of the material was convincing enough to get signed. Do not expect heavy songs, this is well composed music that just works. The only song that is not that impressive is ‘Far Away Boy’. The keyboard and piano parts give the songs a bit more color. Strange that the biography does not inform us who has played them on this album. When you are a metalhead and you are in for some variation, this album might work just fine for you. In the end it all ends up, The Duchess who gets a review on Lords Of Metal.

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