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Space Chaser / Distillator - Split Album

Space Chaser / Distillator - Split Album

Label : This Charming Man Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : A double thrash attack this month with this split LP of Netherlands’s thrash metal pride Distilator and their German friends Space Chaser. Both bands released two album thus far and are making a name for themselves in the thrash metal scene at the moment, so of course we welcome a cooperation between the two bands.

Besides the intro, side A contains three new compositions from Distillator and a covertrack of Slayer’s ‘Black Magic’. Distillator delivers excellent eighties style high speed thrash metal with aggressive vocals and high pitched screams. Perfect tunes to let your hair down and bang your head to. ‘Perceiving Presence’, ‘Swarm Intelligence’ and ‘Gates of Autonomy’ are rad thrashers and also a song like ‘Black Magic’ is made to measure for Distillator, so an excellent choice of song. Side B is for Space Chaser from Berlin. Earlier this year the band already released an entertaining video for the song ‘Swarm’, in which the band can be seen driving around on a tank chasing Predators (like in the movie Predator from Arnold Schwarzenegger). Space Chase, just like Distillator, offer four tracks and an intro, and with their American schooled thrash metal in vein of Exodus, Overkill and Agent Steel these five Germans deliver a punishing effort.

It is quite hard to decide which side of this split LP is the better one, because both bands are on top of their game. This release simply is a real thrash metal grenade! The LP will be released in a limited edition of 150 green/black marbled vinyl and 450 black vinyl, so be quick or be dead!

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