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Skyborne Reveries - Winter Lights

Skyborne Reveries - Winter Lights

Label : Naturmacht Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Skyborne Reveries is an Australian atmospheric black metal outfit and this ‘Winter Lights’ is their second release to date. They play a certain style of black metal that is characterised by soothing melodies (post-rock influenced), pretty synths and keys, trebly guitars and wailing shrieks. In this way Skyborne Reveries sits comfortably next to acts like Midnight Odyssey and Below The Crevices. Long track create an epic feeling in conjunction with the keyboard, while the noisy guitars almost there just to provide an metal framework. Of course I am exaggerating here, but the melodic content and mood are for the most part delivered by the synths and keys. These are well done, but some extra guitar input wouldn’t hurt. ‘Winter Lights’ contains a pleasant atmosphere, but as an album it lacks variety. This and the poor production quality do have a severe impact on the overall quality.

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