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Graveyard - Peace

Graveyard - Peace

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Graveyard is certainly no stranger to the world of heavy rock. The band was founded in 2006 and put itself on the map with the release of the album 'Hisingen Blues' from 2011, the first release for their current label Nuclear Blast. The album did amazingly well and the band even experienced a kind of breakthrough. Graveyard played hundreds of shows in recent years and gathered a huge fan crowd. And now there is a new album, 'Peace'.

And of course 'Peace' is not a musical surprise. Graveyard still plays rock of the doomy kind. With an excellent singer in the person of Joakim Nilsson and with Oskar Bergenheim and Truls Mörck the band has a fantastic rhythm section. And all that touring has ensured that Graveyard can really be called a well-oiled machine. The album opens up tempo with the fierce 'It Is Not Over Yet', followed by the typical 70s rocker 'So Cold'. It becomes interesting with the following 'See The Day' in which the band shows its most vulnerable side. As far as I'm concerned they can do that more often because it sounds great, partly because of the subdued guitars of Nilsson and Jonathan Ramm. Not to mention the southern gothic-like 'Del Manic'; really amazing! Also interesting is 'Walk On' (well structured) and the reminiscent of 'Radar Love' track ‘Low’. Not all songs are equally good or fascinating but all in all again a strong album from our Swedish friends.

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