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Djevelkult - Når Avgrunnen Åpnes

Djevelkult - Når Avgrunnen Åpnes

Label : Saturnal Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : ‘Når Avgrunnen Åpnes’ basically means ‘As The Abyss Opens’ and it’s also the second full length of the Norwegian black metal band Djevelkult. Although with intervals, they have been working on this album for three years. Several songs from the new album were already written at the time of the recordings for their debut album ‘I Djevelens Tegn’ in 2013, but personnel changes and other issues slowed down the whole process.

The gentlemen in Djevelkult play black metal as in the early days of the second wave of black metal, but there are also influences from, for instance, Tsjuder and Urgehal. What stands out right away are the barbaric vocals by Dødsherre Xarim: more extreme than those of Nag and Trondr Nefas. His raw, ugly and unintelligible throat sounds are supported by clear guitars which are high in the mix. The production is traditional, but not as raw as way back in 1997/1998, which benefits the sound of the guitars and drums. Songs are sung alternately in Norwegian and English and on two songs the vocals were done by guest singers: Draug of Kirkebrann (‘Vredeskvad’) and Invisius of Blodhemn (‘Døpt I Helvetesild’). Even though I have nothing against guest appearances fundamentally and the two guests do their job properly, I think these contributions ruin the flow of 'Når Avgrunnen Åpnes' a little bit, since Xarim's throat is so remarkable.

The whole shmear was mixed and mastered by Kark of Dødsengel and the sublime artwork comes from the hand of José Gabriel Alegría, who also did the artwork for Beheaded (Beast Incarnate), Bestia Arcana (Holókauston) and Whoredom Rife (Dommedagskvad). Djevelkult does not do anything innovative here but remains intentionally true to the old Norwegian black metal tradition. Fans of Taake and Gorgoroth, Koldbrann and Darkthrone and everything in between can blindly purchase this album.

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