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Concrete Swine - Zeppelin Over Chernobyl

Concrete Swine - Zeppelin Over Chernobyl

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Mini-CD

Cor : The Finnish Concrete Swine has released a few four-track demo’s/EP’s, of which the former release ‘Siberia Jam ‘74’ is highly appreciated by me and made quite a few turns in my stereo. The seventies mix of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, some blues-rock, a bit of folk (with some very fitting violin contributions) and this time not that much more modern influences in the direction of Down, is served pretty well again. After their former release, my expectations were pretty high; maybe a bit too high as it seems now. Especially the guitar solos, but maybe also the vocal contributions and the arrangements are not as strong as with the former EP in my opinion, but still, this is a very well performed release, which will also make it’s turns in my stereo.

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