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Acherontas - Faustian Ethos

Acherontas - Faustian Ethos

Label : Agonia Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : A new album from Acherontas? Check! Was I anticipating that? Not really no, because I did not expect them with a new recording so soon after 'Amarta' (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification Part II) from June last year, but I am a fan of the Greek band since 2011 when they released ‘Vamachara’, so a new album of this esoteric crew is always welcome.

Apparently the music for the new 'Faustian Ethos' was already composed during the creation of the previous album, but afterwards this material was chosen to become a separate entity. The ritual black metal of 'Amarta' remains unchanged, but now they bring it very stark without much finery in this pure black metal story: archaic Hellenic black metal with a lot of focus on the guitar parts. The three guitars are an added value and the eminent leads are a consistent thread throughout 'Faustian Ethos’. Singer and founding member Acherontas V. Priest often uses spoken vocals to elaborate his message to the rest of the world and his narrative voice sometimes sounds reminiscent of Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell, while the harmonious chants create an occult atmosphere. Songs like 'Fall Of The First Pillar' and 'The Old Tree And The Wise Man' are above all ripping black metal songs with powerful melodies.

In the meanwhile Acherontas exists nearly twenty years and with eight full lengths on their list of achievements they are seasoned masters of occult black metal. 'Faustian Ethos', their eighth album, guarantees a high standard, just like the rest of their works and the Acheronteans among us can buy this record without thinking.

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