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Fargo - Constellation

Fargo - Constellation

Label : Steamhammer/SPV | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : What is thirty-six years in a lifetime? Back in 1982 German band Fargo pulled the plug after a quite successful career, mainly in Germany. Now they are back with the release of ‘Constellation’. In the times that the band was performing live, there was a certain Mathias Jabs who was part of the band until 1978. As you know, he is now the main axe man for the Scorpions. Bass player Peter Knorn was also quite known for his forward somersault he performed on stage with his instrument. Knorn is the only member that prolonged his career successfully with Victory. A band that released some great albums in the eighties and nineties. But, now back to 2018. This is mainly because Knorn wrote a biography where he talks frankly about being a musician, manager and label owner. It made him decide to give Fargo a second shot.

Is it worth all the effort? First off, Fargo plays blues based hard rock. No fuzzy stuff or other things. Opening song ‘Step Back’ is the perfect example for that. Not only Knorn returned to Fargo. Singer/guitarist Peter Ladwig joined him from back in the day. Ladwig’s vocals are characterized by a relaxed way of singing. And his pronunciation is without a single accent. On the songs ‘Buzz, Buzz’ and ‘Don’t Talk’ the Fargo reunion grows, as former drummer Frank Tolle can be heard on these tracks. The twelve songs are very well produced done by Helge Engelke. These boys are experienced, you can tell. But, the real spark is missing in the material. It does not convince fully. Best track is the ballad ‘Cross To Bear’. Although ‘Southern Breeze’ is quite nifty with all the Elves titles incorporated in the lyrics. Nice. But in the end, this album is a bit of a lukewarm affair. The German press will be ecstatic, but over her in Holland we won’t be that enthusiastic. So.was it worth reanimating this German rock dino? Well, judging from the cover, the future is in the stars.

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