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Ashes Arise - Resurgence From Oblivion

Ashes Arise - Resurgence From Oblivion

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This female melodic death metal (their own description) band is the living proof that there are no boundaries when it comes to making music. With members living in the United States and in France, they still have succeeded in putting their debut album together. The artwork could be more professional, but it is of course the music that counts. The band has managed to put together a real nice album. Simply defining them as a death metal band is not really applicable by the way. The main vocals are a powerful clear voice which remind me of Halestorm. This is reinforced by grunt vocals, in one tune a bit more than in the other. Musically you hear a melange of heavy metal and hard rock. The guitar solos are played melodically and you can hear keyboards in the background. Occasionally a false note can be heard here and there and also the grunts in 'Theory Divive' could be sung a bit harder. But mostly you hear a rather fresh and fun album here. My personal tips are opener 'The Countess', 'Obsidian Veil ', the firmer 'Unleashed' and closing song ‘Death From Above'. I certainly want to hear more of this.

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