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Spitefuel - Dreamworld Collapse

Spitefuel - Dreamworld Collapse

Label : MDD Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Only a year after their debut ’Second To None’ these Germans have returned with the successor. On 'Second To None' it was obvious that they had a big preference for traditional hard rock and heavy metal. That is still so on 'Dreamworld Collapse', but this time they have also grown as musicians and songwriters. No less than fifty-four minutes are filled with a kind of a science-fiction fairytale that takes place in the year 8389.

A lot of progressive elements have been incorporated into it. Those who expect heavy riffs and blast beats have another thing coming. Instead you will hear a lot of atmospheric passages with soft parts. The album itself is divided into several chapters that are separated by those interludes. Interludes on which the band has put so much work in they can almost be seen as full songs. After the prologue follow 'Brick By Brick' and 'The Secret'. Two songs with a nod to the classic heavy metal. The songs are well built with a nice tempo and equipped with melodic guitar solos. The vocals of Stefan Zörner sound a bit raw and you should not expect high-pitched screams from him, yet he manages to put the necessary tension and variety into his vocals. 'Overture: Inside The Sphere' is the first instrumental interlude. Progressive science-fiction sounds with pieces of piano and strings in it. In some of these instrumental gems you can hear sublime acoustic guitar pieces. The highlight, however, is slightly more than ten minutes long 'Brilliant White Lies (Pt I: What We've Chosen, Pt II: The Raging Quiet, Pt III: Deconstructing A Falling Star)'. Part one consists of a lot of dramatic and emotional vocal sequences and is rather subdued. Part two is already a bit more up-tempo and part three is a combination of both. Sometimes there is a rather epic slant, then you hear dreamy passages with even a kind of flute in it. So if I had to describe it all in a nutshell: this band has surpassed itself and delivered a real challenge.

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