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Nocturnal Graves - Titan

Nocturnal Graves - Titan

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : These Australian aggressors around (ex-)members of bands such as Denouncement Pyre, Deströyer 666 and Sithlord have already released two strong long players in 'Satan's Cross' (2007) and ’…from The Bloodline of Cain’ (2013). For those who don’t know the band yet; Nocturnal Graves plays a combination of old-fashioned thrash, black and death metal with the necessary traditional heavy metal influences, with a typical Australian sound and approach. Think of the band members’ of former and current employers and bands such as Gospel Of The Horns, Razor Of Occam, Assaulter, Impious Baptism and similar acts.

This month the quartet strikes again with their third long player, 'Titan'. Basically this album continues in the same style and what we have here is again a combination of the extremer metal genres. Of course also here there is a lot of attention for melody, which gives the whole an extra dark and somewhat mysterious dimension. However, were it thrash and black metal that had the upper hand on the previous albums, the emphasis on 'Titan' lies more on death metal. The gentlemen slow down more often, and therefore the album sounds slightly heavier and lumpier than its predecessors. However, it should not remain unmentioned that here we have some of the most technical pieces we’ve heard from the gentlemen so far. In that respect during the more death metal-oriented pieces I often have to think of bands like Morbid Angel and God Dethroned. As a result though, the aggressive outbursts blast out even harder and have more impact.

Due its versatile character, many tempo changes and a more technical approach, 'Titan' is a little more difficult to digest than its predecessors in general. There is simply a lot happening and if you don’t pay attention for a second you lose track a bit. Well, fortunately, you are quickly back on track again, but in general the music requires the necessary attention. It did indeed take me a few listens before the record really caught me. That in contrast to the previous albums that had an immediate impact. I must also say that my preference goes more towards the up-tempo black/thrash approach, but that of course is a matter of taste. The fact is that we have the most versatile, most technical and best-thought-out compositions of the band here, and that because of this – and partly because of the increased death metal influences –will appeal to a larger audience. Fans of the previous albums and fans of extreme and technical death, thrash and black metal such as aforementioned compatriots and bands such as Desaster, Noctrunal Witch, Pentacle, Manzer etc. can also purchase 'Titan' and rest assured.

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