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Necros Christos - Domedon Doxomedon

Necros Christos - Domedon Doxomedon

Label : Sepulchral Voice Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : Jesus Christ is dead, so is Necros Christos. Well, almost. ‘Domedon Doxomedon’ is the last piece of art by this Berlin-based doom/death act. The band around Mors Dalos Ra will keep performing for the time being, but there won’t be new music coming out. Three albums is all you get and this new one is quite the journey. ‘Domedon Doxomedon’ is almost two hours long and is split up into three CD’s (or LP’s) that contain nine songs each. A lot of thought has gone into that as Kabbalistic numerology is quite important to Necros Christos. Just as their debut ‘Trivne Impvrity Rites’ is divided into three parts and ‘Doom Of The Occult’ contains nine songs next to the interludes and the EP ‘Nine Graves’ also has nine tracks. You could say Necros Christos is a religious band with a focus on the occult, esoteric or gnostic character of faith. This actually fits very well to the dark music they compose.

This last piece of art consists of 27 tracks of which nine are actual songs. The others are shorter (often instrumental) pieces the band call Temples Or Gates. This is nothing new to Necros Christos and as far as I’m concerned it actually adds a lot to the overall atmosphere. It’s complementary to the album and defines the final result. I have to admit that an overall playing time of almost 2 hours demands some effort. I wasn’t convinced from the start because of the overall length. Even the “real” songs are quite lengthy, on average about ten minutes. Or should that be nine minutes? I haven’t calculated that but it wouldn’t surprise me if it indeed is the case.

Since I really appreciate the earlier material I gave ‘Domedon Doxomedon’ some time to grow. Eventually I have to admit this is a successful piece of art filled with dark doom/death that does sound like Necros Christos. Still you can detect influences from Hellhammer or Morbid Angel seeping through. Most important fact is that Necros Christos can retire knowing they left behind a great discography. Teleō.

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